• M20 Auto-kit flow diagram

Download M20 Autokit Diagram (PDF)

Programming the SABRE-EB1 for M20 Auto-kit

1. Downloading the Arduino IDE ( 1.8.16 )

2. Installing the Arduino IDE ( 1.8.16 )

    3. Connecting the SABRE-EB1 to your PC

    • A mini USB cable is required for this.
      USB 2.0 A Male To Mini B Male 5-Pin Gold-Plated Cable - 10Feet Black
    • Plug one end of the cable to your PC/Laptop and the other end into the PCB jack of the SABRE-EB1. MAKE SURE that NO BATTERY SOURCE is plugged in as that will cause a short circuit.
    • Choose "Arduino Nano" from the Boards options under the Tools dropdown menu.
    • Choose "ATmega328P (Old Bootloader)"
    • Make sure the Programmer is AVRISP mkII 

    4. Opening the Basic M20 Auto-kit Arduino INO code

    5. Explanation of the code


    6. Uploading the code to your M20 Auto-kit

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