Delrin M20 Shells

Introduction to Delrin M20 Shells

Topics covered:

  • What is a M20 shell? 
  • What is so special about it? Delrin?

What is a M20 Shell?

  • The M20 shells are two halves shell joined together to create the M20 SABRE blaster. The shells have been uniquely designed with us as players in mind. Made for user to personalise to become unique one of a kind designs, while ensuring that the user has a top notch blaster for play. 

What is so special about it?

  • Created with solid internals. U heard right, solid. As fellow foam dart enthusiasts, we know the pain and mess of using the high speed tool to cut away thin strips of plastic in our blasters to make it uniquely our own. 
  • The M20 shell design was created to solve that problem. Using solid manufactured process, you can now just work on the part of the blaster you want to personalise, the same way you would as a solid block of wood. No more cutting of support ribs or having to deal with crappy infills. (You know what i mean)
  • Delrin? We use Dupont Delrin to manufacture the shells. It is also known as POM, an industrial plastic that was created in the 60's to replace metal components and gears in machines. These plastics offer almost similar material properties as aluminium while reducing the weight.
  • Delrin is a machine plastic. Yes, it can be used in a machine shop lathes or mills. Google it. 
  • Delrin is meant to deal with high impact forces. Of course, we do not encourage users to whack their M20 shells with mallets or hammers; or use it as a battering ram (please tag other people, don't be physical, even if they cheat). However, the solid mass of Delrin that the M20 is more than capable of surviving very strenuous usages that would otherwise break stock foam dart blasters or FDM created ones.

Datasheet of Delrin® 500P NC010 - POM - DuPont Engineering Polymers


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